Saturday, October 18, 2014

Avoiding the 20 yr plan trap

Greason did it again... better than his settlement talk.

Is he going to include ownership in his limits of planning?

Uh oh... he's talking about exports.

Not sufficient to get people there... good so far. Competition... yes. Open standards... sure.

Enough funding to do their own R&D. Depots... yada yada.

Free trade works off world... then back to talking exports... they just can't hit the bullseye.

Not dirt Jeff, they export freedom.

What they can't understand: An economy can grow without exports. Focusing on exports means you miss the most important fact of an economy.

Ah, now Jeff is talking ownership with regard to time.

Serfs do not make settlement work! He got it!!!

Send free people (w/ millions in assets if they do it my way.)

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