Thursday, May 23, 2013

Linux Mint 15rc 32bit and Chrome

I finally have linux on this box. I probably should have gone with Mint 13 or 14 but...

The last time I tried to put linux Ubuntu on this box it screwed up my windows display settings. Update: Still does by setting resolution to 800x600 for windows. How hard is it to get this right? Should I set linux to my windows resolution? We shall see.

Happy to report that didn't happen with Mint. It's more responsive than Slax which is the only other linux I've been able to get to work.

I like Chrome and so far it looks good.

I bought some CD-RW the other day. They cost more and are inferior in ever way to DVD-R. But I only knew that I could read DVDs. I didn't know if it was a burner as well until this morning.

I went with the 32bit because I've experience too many s/w packages that will not run 64bit.

If I don't post any complaints you can assume I'm happy. Eventually I'd like to do some development (for Android as well. Finding a phone I'm willing to shed dollars for may take a while.) My current Verizon phone allows me to talk and works in this outback mountain town in NE AZ. But Verizon is too expensive for data IMHO.

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