Saturday, May 25, 2013

Is Bigelow losing focus?

NASA and Bigelow have signed onto a Space Act Agreement which seems to have the ambition of making Bigelow the general contractor for the commercial development of space including bases on the moon and mars.

Meanwhile, will he go forward with his Alpha Base which has the potential for near term profits? I would guess it's too early to be worried and Robert Bigelow can both chew gum and walk. Faster please.

In many cases, you might worry about a company getting too involved with the government as a customer. However, Bigelow's technology is much easier to compete with than that of others.

If SpaceX continues to perform (and picks up it's launch rate) will it have any serious competition in the next few decades? Even if they aren't able to do all the things they are attempting?

Some good bullet points.

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