Thursday, May 23, 2013

How to justify tyranny

It's done in so many ways but one outstanding way is projection. Remember Hillary's vast right wing conspiracy? It's not the right that creates journolist so they can coordinate their attacks on their enemies. This isn't about Obama, he's just a member of the team.

Faced with a majority of right leaning voters the only way the left wins is by deceit and voter suppression.


Joseph said...

Speculation: The current scandal might be a smokescreen designed to distract attention from a bigger scandal. The Obama re-election campaign was noted for using lots of data and lots of statistical analysis. What if that came from the IRS?

ken_anthony said...

There is absolutely no doubt they use all the information they've gathered and at the same time deny they've done anything like that at all. Remember the Clinton's flunky going through the FBI records? I thought they should have made a bigger deal out of that.

The fact is the media is no longer doing their job and are proud of the fact. They openly brag about their influence on elections but it's not the influence they're suppose to have if they actually did their jobs.

Iowahawk said it best, "They cover the important stories. With a pillow, 'til they stop moving."