Steps to Mars

This page (Inspiration) will contain a single evergreen* article with a hierarchy that refer to posts on my main page. While government will have a role, the premise is that space will only open up when there is a profit potential for free enterprise. That potential exists and will be demonstrated.

0.0 How to choose a martian
0.1 Ticket to ride
0.2 Selling mars.

1. Getting to LEO.
 1.1 Technology and Cost
 1.2 Funding
 1.3 Profit potential

2. Getting from LEO to mars orbit.
 2.1 Technology and Cost
 2.2 Funding and profit potential
 2.3 Fictional account

3. Getting from mars orbit to surface.
 3.1 Technology and Cost
 3.2 Landing on Mars

4. Living on mars.
 4.1 Technology and Cost
 4.1.0 Industry
 4.1.1 Industrial Ecology Raw materials Tools and skills
 4.2.1 Energy
 4.2.2 Water
 4.2.3 Breathable air, radiation protection
 4.2.4 Food and farming
 4.2.5 Habitats
 4.2.6 Vehicles, rovers and heavy equipment
 4.3 Funding and profit potential
 4.4 Philosophy of life in space
 4.5 Mars banking

5. Other plans
 5.1 Space Settlement Initiative
 5.2 Mars Homestead Project
 5.3 The Mars Society
 5.4 The Mars One Project

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*Evergreen means I intend to add information as it becomes available.