Saturday, December 3, 2016

Sarah is right again

Which is why Trump should put her in charge of the VA.

He can trust her to fix it.

While Sarah is right, Donald can get it right in the future. Saving jobs is an important goal. A level playing field should be the end result, but to get there might require playing favorites on occasion.

That's because it isn't a level playing field when only one side is playing fair. Tit-for-tat is a proven to work in the most effective way strategy.

Trump's plan to lower taxes across the board is a level playing field strategy that can be relied on as momentum builds. Until it has its chance, targeting may be required to get that momentum started.

Update: Another reason Sarah is right: Trump is opening himself up to being played. A company, with no actual intention of doing so, might announce they are moving jobs out of America to get the admin to get them concessions. This would probably be realized rather quickly, but it does create a window of opportunity right now.

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