Tuesday, December 13, 2016

It's time for extinction

The left are evil deluded children. The left believes they can destroy America, but they will be spared. They have no clue, but they know how to project.

These articles (here and here) are examples of their mental illness.

We have a republic if we can keep it. The evil party is more so now than ever. The stupid party isn't going to wise up. It is up to the deplorables to save this country. We must destroy the evil party threat once and for all. We may never get the chance again.

We are at a historic inflection point that could go either way. The losers will do anything and are mad... as in psychotic and lawless. We will not get a second chance to get this right.


Jim Davis said...

Your use of words like extinction and destroy, coupled with any specifics, gives the impression you're advocating rounding people up to be shot.

Surely that's not correct, is it, Ken?

What exactly do you mean, Ken?

ken_anthony said...

Political parties have beginnings and ends. Democrats used to have a legitimate reason to exist but have morphed into something truly evil. It is time to drive a stake through their heart.

So I'm not advocating the people be destroyed; just their ability to destroy. That destruction would include themselves even if they don't realize it.

Taking their power away is sufficient.

ken_anthony said...

To clarify: when I say take their power away I do not mean just to win elections. I mean taking away their ability to win elections. Currently they have a hydra of organizations all working with evil intent and methods funded by people they intend to control. That absolutely has to stop. It's not just govt. that must be reduced but all the various organizations that support that power structure.

The Muslim brotherhood, for example, has about 70 sub organizations for the purpose of political influence and infiltration. People that want to destroy the great Satan really should not be collecting a govt. paycheck. Allowing that is insane. Having them educate our children is insane. Allowing rioters to be described as protesters is insane. Having debates with whiny children incapable of reason is insane.

I don't blame them. I blame us for not being adults ourselves. Being an adult means taking responsibility. Instead we've enabled these wicked children. Without penalties, bad behavior grows like the blob.

The deploribles woke up but must get the job done before going back to sleep.

ken_anthony said...

To further clarify: by govt. paycheck I was specifically focused on was policy makers rather than welfare cases. The problem with welfare is a bit stickier. But it also needs to be addressed. People able to work should not find it easier not to. We shouldn't be encouraging generational welfare as we do now.

Jim Davis said...

So let me see if I understand your proposal.

You want to create a Federal Agency of Evil Organizations staffed with bureaucrats who will decide what organizations are evil. Membership in any of these organizations will exclude one from federal employment. All current and prospective federal employees will have to swear under oath that they are not, nor have been for a prescribed number of years, members of any evil organization subject to penalty of perjury. Current federal employees will have to continuously update their oaths as new evil organizations are added. They will be terminated if they belong to an organization that is on the evil list because any offer to resign from said organization will be an obvious self-serving attempt to continue to draw a paycheck while still being sympathetic to that organization.

Is this about right? Do you see any potential for abuse in your proposal?

ken_anthony said...

When ya put it that way, perhaps lining them up against a wall and shooting them for treason makes more sense... but I still think taking away their power and ignoring their whining aught to be given a chance.

Jim Davis said...

...but I still think taking away their power and ignoring their whining aught to be given a chance.

And how would you go about implementing this, Ken?

ken_anthony said...

Number one is identifying all organizations that work against individual liberty. This really is not that hard. Number two is cut off all funding. This is harder because politicians are devious and stupid but with determination and focus this is also doable.

That's just phase one. It must come first because it deprives the evil from the money they use to steal elections and gives some breathing room for the next phases: education and the media.

Winning arguments should win. They don't in today's lying environment. There are no consequences to big lie tactics and that has to change. For example: "their is no election fraud." Except Hillary lost while massively engaging in it. That's a fact that the recounts confirmed but do people know this?

Instead, with no evidence they claim the Russians rigged the elections. Lies have to have consequences or they remain a viable tactic. You follow the evidence and follow the money. Plus you keep some perspective. Both the guy that steals bubble gum and the guy that steals a billion dollars are thieves... but the punishment should fit the crime.

People with evil intent need to be identified and marginalized. It's really not that hard with focus and determination. The alternative is really unbelievably bad.

Jim Davis said...

Number one is identifying all organizations that work against individual liberty. This really is not that hard.

Ken, this is just naive. It would next to impossible to come to any agreement on this. You're not an organization, of course, but I would put you on this list. This is classic restraint of trade.

ken_anthony said...

100% right is not required. Putting in the effort is.