Thursday, December 15, 2016

I planned to live 41 more years

I was 10 years old, sitting in a barber chair in Tacoma, discussing my future. I was the oldest of 6 and said I would be the last of my siblings to get married. The barber disagreed but I was right when I finally got married in Feb. 2002 (and divorced a bit over 3 years later.) I also told him I planned to live to 98 which seemed reasonable at the time.

So much for plans. That's why god doesn't plan. He purposes. His name actually means he causes to be. His promises can not fail. Unlike plans which fail all the time.

Last year my kidney specialist told me they were functioning at 30% which is fine since they have over capacity. But my latest blood test puts them at 15% which is near dialysis territory... and I will not do dialysis which means my mars retirement plans are out the window!

I was really looking forward to all the heads exploding during the next 8 years of Trump. But who knows? I now plan on a long slow painful agonizing death while I go blind, but hey, my erratic blood pressure could shorten that plan as well.

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