Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Poverty literally kills. Policy increases poverty.

Obama crows about the great job he's done when in reality he is a murderer.


C J said...

There's a bit of a problem with those numbers. :)

Trump's actual number is more like 992 to 1000 (I'll go with 992), because of the unpledged but committed to him (as the winner of their district) segment of the Pennsylvania delegates.

Trump is thus about 245 delegates short. 578 delegates remain. Trump needs 42% of them.

This does not count a few other likely delegates, such as the 9 from the Northern Marianas who indicated they'd follow their voters (the vote there was 75% Trump).

As for Cruz getting to 1237 for a first ballot win, he needs 116% of the remaining delegates. I think it's fair to say he's not going to get 116% of the remaining delegates (unless somebody repealed the laws of mathematics while I wasn't looking, so his only possible shot is a multi-ballot contested convention.

ken_anthony said...

Indiana will tell the tail. Cruz won't quit, but he'll be done. I can't believe some are floating a third party. Do they not realize what a Hillary admin would mean?