Thursday, April 14, 2016

Looking closer

Why would nominal republicans say they would vote for Hillary before Trump?
Rand: "Because if they’re going to have a Democrat in the White House, they’d prefer one who calls herself one, rather than having one taint the Republican brand under a false flag?"
In what bizzarro world do conservatives vote for Hillary? Rand shows us the rationale. Is it valid?

First is the confusion of values with party. They are not the same thing.

This isn't about Trump. It's about people that don't like Trump. We know Hillary. Anyone justifying her has no credibility. She is evil. Trump is just common. I've known lots of rich guys and they're all a bit full of themselves. Trumps positive is he fights rather than allowing others to roll him. The reporter that got grabbed is a perfect example. Look into it. I'll wait.

Trump didn't throw his guy under the bus and didn't bend to media pressure. It's about time we had that in the white house.

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