Sunday, April 17, 2016

How to steal an election

It's becoming plain to see. If Trump doesn't win the first round, Cruz will take the nomination regardless of the will of the voters. This is why you don't want a lawyer as your 'leader.'

Both Trump and Cruz will try to buy the election. The difference is Cruz will use superpac OPM. The nasty trick Cruz will try is to get Trump delegates to simply not vote to deny Trump 1237 on the first ballet.

The point of voting seems to be to placate the rabble because the fix is in. The problem is they didn't keep this fact hidden. Hard to say what that will result in???

The emperor [elites that actually run the country] has no clothes.

Stupid voters... the lawyers will choose what's best for them. /sarc.

This has been a great exposing of truth. Update seems to agree.

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C J said...

What Cruz is doing on SOME states is clearly an attempt to defy the will of voters - and though I have long favored Cruz, that flat out disgusts me. I also can't help but note that Cruz is down 11 points in national polls since news of this entered the media in a big way.

What does this mean? IMHO, it means that if Cruz wins via these delegate manipulations, it'll be seen as a stolen nomination, and he's utter toast in November - and so are a lot of downticket Republicans.

As for Trump, I've been decrying his appalling lack of a serous ground game (and his own ground game is what Cruz is using to stack the deck) since before Iowa. Even Trump acknowledged that his lack of a ground game hurt him in Iowa - and I wrongly assumed that meant he'd try to fix it. If his campaign staff was telling him he didn't need one, they were mind-numbingly incompetent.

Most pledged delegates are bound by their own state's law to vote on the first ballot for whom they are pledged - but not all states have this, plus the delegate could just skip the first ballot by claiming to be sick - so even if Trump gets to 1237, he could be denied, because it would only take a few, even if illegal.

However... it's worth bearing in mind that it's against federal law to use campaign funds (including Super Pac) to bribe delegates, just as it's illegal to offer them taxpayer-funded jobs. Cruz it thus totally safe from the threat of any rival at the convention using bribery to combat his delegate manipulations. There's a theoretical way around that for any rival to Cruz, but it'd require using personal, not campaign funds - in which case, it's legal. So, Cruz is totally safe unless his rival is personally wealthy, or has access to other perks to offer such as via owning golf resorts, hotels, private jets, etc... but if that happened to be the case, Cruz might just find himself Trumped.