Monday, October 19, 2015

Trump - Anderson, SC Rally (10-19-15)


C J said...

Trump isn't my preferred candidate at the moment. I'm leaning Cruz, though mainly I'm undecided. I currently rank Trump my second pick, Carson my 3rd.

My biggest concern with Trump is his penchant for making misogynist comments. This will hurt his chances in the general.

I'll certainly support Trump if he's the nominee (or, unless my opinions change again, in the primaries if Cruz looks done). There are only two Republicans running I won't vote for in the general, and that's Rubio and Bush.

However... an independent run by Cthulhu is looking mighty appealing, but as a practical matter, Hillary has most of his voters. :)

ken_anthony said...

I'm leaning SMOD, but I like Cruz as well.