Wednesday, October 21, 2015


I need another 200 pages for the book I'm writing... I've run out of steam after about 35 pages (I like my ideas simple.) I've got about a decade or more of blog posts I can research for more material... I hope there's not too much redundancy but know the answer to that.

I'm dedicating the book to Rand, but Dr. Thomas Matula will be the unsung hero for all of his comments and challenges over the years. Others as well.

Another 200 pages... that should take about 3 months assuming I find enough topics each day to write about. I wish I'd kept better links.

My brother owes me $300 and came by to borrow more. Not likely. He's facing more potential jail time.

Rumor is I'll be getting out of the hospital soon. This was a sudden development since last word was I'd be here a few more weeks. I'm wondering if recent events brought about this change?

The hospital ignored a health care power of attorney by giving me a drug with human plasma in it. For me this is a serious issue and perhaps a legal issue for them. I don't know how I will proceed.

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