Monday, October 12, 2015


Normal range is 14 to 20. They want to transfuse at 8. I don't accept blood. I'm at 6.9, so... they gave me a shot in the belly. My bone marrow is making red blood cells and will now make them faster I'm told.

Update: 10/16. For Congenital heart failure (CHF) they give me two different water pills. For my kidneys, at 33% but they have plenty of extra capacity, they give me tons of fluid. My hemoglobin, with iron pills and bone marrow shots, I'm just informed is now 6.3.

I refuse transfusions and dialysis... but they keep asking. I've made certain they know and have copies of my legal representatives should I lose conscientiousness.

But mainly I'm excited about this mars booklet I'm working on!

I'm also on full time oxygen because when not I drop to about 65% (brain gets real fuzzy then.)

Update: 10/18. Just got labs back. Hemogloban now 6.1 from 6.3. Not good. The bone marrow shot they gave me last week does not seem to have kicked in yet. The good new is I finished my 32 page booklet and I'm waiting for word from the publisher. Abiword is crap. Now using LibreOffice.

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C J said...

Ken, make sure they find the cause of the anemia.

Best wishes, and I hope you feel better soon.