Saturday, September 17, 2011

Panels or Power?

Which is a better business model, selling solar panels (Solyndra) or selling solar energy? I'm thinking energy has a better market, but solar only works during the day.

Not a big problem since we use more energy during the day. I just shut down my air conditioning until next season, but others will take up the slack no doubt.

But why is the government picking winners and losers? Doesn't that screw up the economy which corrects itself if left alone? That was rhetorical.

The fact is loans and loan guarantees are about getting political payola. They have absolutely NOTHING to do with making life better for taxpayers. We have got to end this corruption. Only Sarah Palin is focusing on this... as she did for the people of Alaska which gave her an approval rating in the 90s. How is the O doing?

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