Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gary Johnson?

I'm watching him on Cavuto right now. I like him. Will he be able to shake up the debate tonight?

He is sounding solid to me. I haven't followed him before.
  • He says he would have a budget with lower spending and use his veto.
  • He's for the fair tax.
  • As president he could attack burdensome regulations starting with Obamacare.
He's not very charismatic and don't know if he can get support. Tonight's debate, his first, is very important for him. The media has already anointed the two front runners, the lazy bastards.
his first response always was to ask if government should be involved in that to begin with
I really like him.

Update: Could be the best answer of the night. Gary said something like "my neighbors two dogs have created more shovel ready jobs than Obama."

Update: Everything you need to know about Gary. He's too honest to be a politician.

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