Sunday, September 11, 2011


America is a country unlike any other. It is exceptional.

There are two rights from which all others are derived: Liberty and property. The governments ONLY job, and the very reason it exists, is to keep us each secure in these individual rights. A government faithful to these rights needs no enumeration of them.

The right of speech or thought or belief is the right of liberty.

Nobody would be debating if the right to bear arms were an individual or collective right. As long as a person doesn’t use weapons to deprive any other individual of their rights, the government should have nothing to say.

It would be understood that the government has no right over your property, not just for the quartering of troops without your consent.

You would be secure from search and seizure without some evidence of a crime and even then only by proper procedure specifically outlined and followed.

The fifth amendment is about the liberty to withhold consent. Eminent domain violates this principle of liberty and property.

Miranda rights, are not rights per se, but are a specification of a process to secure our rights from abuse.

Trial by jury is also a process to protect rights from abuse by the powerful.

Would we need to say protection from cruel and unusual punishment or excessive bail would be required if we held faithful to securing individual rights and really had a presumption of innocence?

The ninth and tenth amendments just restate what should be obvious.

We don't get our rights from government. The government exists to secure our rights. Anyone that doesn't understand this should not be allowed to vote or hold office. When a president talks in support of redistribution of wealth he has disqualified him or her self from holding office which requires defense and protection of the constitution. Nothing more needs to be said at that point.

Any law that isn’t both necessary to protect individual rights or properly balances the rights of individuals is unconstitutional. Equal protection means that state laws also needed to follow the necessary and proper rule.

Nobles do not define our rights. We peasants have inalienable rights no tyrant or government has the right to take away.

On this tenth anniversary of a despicable cowardly attack on America I pledge to defend my fellow peoples that hold these truths to be self evident to my very last breath.

Our dead will not be forgotten, nor those that cheered their death.

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