Monday, May 23, 2016

In a funk

Gotta snap out of it. I lost Sunday somewhere. Now three days 'til I have some money. Good news is my rent decreased by $31 and this month I will pay less due to over payment. Yaaay!. I've been nursing my last sixteen dollars for two weeks so today I think I'll spend it.

Rand has been more insulting than usual. Trump really seems to have affected him. It will be an interesting four year at Transterrestrial. I may be banned. I'll live should that happen. I have no TV or radio and would be fine without internet as well. There is just nothing new under the sun and it really is all just vanity. Rand would likely call king Solomon ignorant. I am so disappointed. I really like Rand. His gift is to gather such great people to his site. I think of them as friends but Rand may be right in calling me delusional with respect to that. Friends prove themselves.

Life goes on.

Update: I have $5 left. I couldn't make it into the store so I asked a stranger to go in for me. I was able to make it back to my apartment. So now I'll just spend a few days here resting.


Russell Snow said...

I am a bit puzzled by Rand's Trump Hate as well. Maybe he will mellow by the next Trump term.

ken_anthony said...

Somehow Rand seems to think we don't see Trump's faults. He's absolutely a flawed human... but he's just a human and shares that trait with all of us.

We're never going to elect someone ideologically pure. If we did have someone that seemed to be, it's more likely just a coat they wear in public. They're all liars.

Trump is such a bad liar that it doesn't fool anyone. His are what my mother would call white lies. Not evil, just silly.

There is real intentional evil in the world. Fighting that is our first priority.