Thursday, January 29, 2015

Show Low today

Will probably catch a movie when I visit my bank in Show Low today. Two front tires and an oil change are all I have left to prepare my truck for my pending trip. Also will extend my insurance for another six months which expires at the end of march.

Four weeks of abject poverty, then I hit the road.

I have a lot of places I hope to visit. A lot of people to see.

Mainly I will try to get my head focused. Life should not be so consistently miserable although I see no potential relief on the health front. Being alone is the worst of it. Not being around people will strangely provide some relief from that constant pressure.

They say misery loves company.  Company however, is disinclined to support the miserable. Understandably so. I have to go stick my head in the toilet now for the second time this night. Doctors are completely worthless.

After this trip I expect to come to terms with my situation. I will need to arrange some personal space. I have none at this time. Otherwise, there is no point in coming 'home.' Aren't I the cheery fellow?

Update: Both theaters in Show Low had American Sniper, didn't go to either. Got tires and oil change, so my truck is ready. Will get insurance next month so I have something left for this month. Now I wait.


C J said...

Ken, I hope things look up for you.

As for doctors... beware, as too many are just phoning it in; they go by guidelines, to avoid having to think, to avoid liability, and to spend the least amount of time possible per patient. The key is informed consent, with the emphasis on informed. For example, if a Doc prescribes a medication, many don't bother to tell the patient what sort of side effects to be on the lookout for. So, for any patient, the only sound course of action is to read the full prescribing information. That's just a start, but a good one.

As an example, a Doc might prescribe Niacin, or a Statin, if cholesterol is a bit high. However, Niacin can cause Niacin maculopathy (retinal inflamation) and thus is risky for a person who already has retinal issues. Statins, too, carry a lot of risks, ranging from cognitive impairment, muscle mass loss, and for diabetics, worsening blood sugar control. Yet, many docs follow guidelines that place the majority of the population in need of statins, and worse, they don't bother to tell the patient what sort of side effects are possible, and the risks.

BEst wishes,

ken_anthony said...

Thanks CJ.

I just want to get started on my trip.

Almost everybody is phoning it in. That's what makes finding somebody who isn't, regardless of what, such a pleasure.