Sunday, April 13, 2014

Meanwhile, back in the Ukraine

the accent and words used by the invaders were not of the Ukrainian-Russian dialect. These vermin almost certainly came from the Russian Federation.
News we can use. See the video of storming Ukrainian police station.


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C J said...

What these guys are is rather obvious; Russian special forces (Spetznaz or similar).

How to tell? Easy. It's glaringly obvious that they aren't any sort of indigenous militia. The most telling giveaway is the armaments. A "ragtag militia" sure as hell isn't going to have a commonality of weapons, but these guys do - both for their assault rifles and other gear, such as uniforms, vests, gear pouches, etc.

Yep, they are Russian. Just like the ones who seized the Crimean parliament building a few weeks back.

The Russians will soon use the escalating violence as an excuse to seize all of eastern Ukraine and install the old regime in the remainder.