Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Legality does not equal justice

Legal is what political people create. Justice is an absolute that has always existed.

Justice is what the Bundy case is about. We are not servants to the government. VIA

MoreThere are private rights in federal lands – vested rights, not privileges.

Ranchers need to understand their vested water rights that the statist haven't yet taken away from them.

the BLM invaders left when it got ugly because it’s an election year and they’re all Democrats. They’ll be back.

The fight shouldn't be dem vs rep. The fight should be liberty vs statism.

Update: Richard Fernandez makes the same point I think...
Perhaps the choice is not between Democrat and Republican in the long run — but between individual liberty or subordination to rank hypocrisy.

Update: Now we have to say, "Crime shouldn't pay."
Update: Because this is how a criminal organization works, by deceit.


C J said...

As far as Bundy goes, I find his claim that the land in question is not federal to be specious. In other words, he's wrong. It's certainly arguable that it shouldn't be federal, but the fact remains that it is (though exactly when and how it so became bears looking into)

But.. the Feds are vastly more wrong in this case; they've escalated the fee structure to put the ranchers out of business intentionally. It's not simply a matter of charging a grazing fee, it's a matter of imposing fees so high and rules so onerous that business becomes impossible.

So, though I may quibble with some of his legal claims, I have no choice but to support Bundy and cheer him on.

There is one more aspect to my position; Bundy may well be guilty of some legal overreach, but any overreach by Bundy threatens me not at all. The same absolutely cannot be said for government overreach.

ken_anthony said...

This is what the political class does. They do not play fair. They make the rules then express outrage that others don't just follow them as if they were handed to us on stone tablets.

Insidious is the only word to describe it. It's like those performing anti-American acts and taking umbrage that you would even suggest they are un-American. How dare ya!

Those rules only apply to you not them. If the rules don't do the job, they make more.

It's a racket and should be addressed as such. No amount of howling should deter us from making these real criminals pay. The ones that subvert justice.