Thursday, April 12, 2012

Jack Tramiel passes

One of my two heroes has died.

Many years ago, a partner and I were going to make video game kits based on the Atari ST motherboard. I thought it was an inexpensive clean design and I had it working with the cheap color monitors we used in coin-op video games. Then someone showed my partner the Amiga and that ended our partnership.

I owned one of the first C64s (3 digits in the serial number) for which I payed about $1200 (with only a tape drive.) They sold 8 million that year and the price soon went under $200. Update: This is one of those cases in my life that I knew something before others did. Unlike the Coleco Adam, which I knew would be a bomb even though all the computer mags were touting it. I knew the C64 would be big before it came out while the mags hardly took notice. They considered the Atari 800 a better deal.

I love the deal Jack made when buying Atari. They would pay the big bills and he would pay the little ones. So he bundled all the little bills to meet the big bill threshold. Atari hollered, but paid.

Afterward they called Commodore, C-Company and Atari, A-Company.

Update: This was the other one. I have no heroes left.

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