Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Planet Plots

Choices have implications. A generation ago nations based their moves into space on a military structure. The result has been a false start and stagnation (going in circles for more than fifty years at far too much cost.) That is the government model.

That is changing because people with vision and resources and freedom to act are making it happen. They have been struggling for decades to figure out viable business plans. They are having some success with lots of failures. This is the corporate model.

Expanding the economic sphere into the solar system successfully will require a humble acceptance of economic reality. The most viable option that leads to the greatest success will be the individual liberty model. Planet plots is about how:

Ownership is the foundation that FULLY AND ABUNDANTLY finances space settlement.

Expanding the economic sphere into the solar system will add enormous wealth to our society. No magic bullets required. Costs are low enough today and will get better in the future.

The crazy idea I put forth is that ownership is the foundation of economic expansion. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are all based on the right of property ownership. Your body with its life is your property. Your thoughts are your property. Those things people have difficulty stealing from you. But thieves have become masters at stealing real property and possessions from you and making you believe that's the natural order of things. It does not have to be so.

I intend to focus on real numbers, real companies, real people, and real economic truth. So let's get started with my next post...

Update: Keeping track of where I spout off on this topic...


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