Wednesday, August 24, 2011

In other news...

Paid my bills today... I now have eight dollars for the next month. I bought two new tires (I've been driving around town without a spare for several months now... glad to have a spare again.) Put money on my phone (13 cents for the last two weeks) ... looking to get an Android that will replace both my current phone and internet USB modem (can we still call them modems?)

I promised myself that each month I would do at least one thing toward my goal of having an online business. This month I bought an upgrade to my PowerBasic compiler.

I'm coding in VB because it's faster for development than PB. BG+M$ have conspired to make ADO code written on a W7 box only work for W7. If you compile on XP it works fine on either but I don't have an XP box anymore. Also the component I wrote in PB for ADO doesn't work on W7 either.

PowerBasic has an ADO product, but I think it's ODBC only. That's fine for SQL Server, but I have a second local DB that I have a direct connect to and don't want to use ODBC for that. They have a Btree product that I might use for local data but I'd prefer SQLite if I can get that to work.

I just spent three days tracking down a bug that would have taken five seconds if my brain still worked. Ah well, onward...

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