Saturday, October 10, 2015

Latest Trump

Are 200,000 young men a Trojan horse? probably not but "why chance it... I'm sending them back."

Friday, October 9, 2015

Mars suit - a different approach

Read up on space suit design for the red planet and the idea they are going to fall short is always naggingly at the edge of your thoughts. Curiously the Robinson family had the solution all along...
But we need to modify it a bit. The astronaut should sit in a shorter, squatter version with wider tracks. There are no flexible legs, it's a hard shell with a broad canopy. The arms are waldos that reach quite a distance so they can easily pick up anything on the ground around them (or overhead.)

Sunday, October 4, 2015

A comment worth repeating

by Kevin Swihart

A civil war has been going on in Syria for more than five years, the Taliban has been enforcing their brutality for years, and Iraq has been a killing field since the current administration pulled our troops out without a forces agreement—so why do we all of a sudden have a refugee crisis now?

Those who are actually paying attention will notice that this is not merely the usual hodgepodge of people who are victims of ethnic or religious persecution. Many are billed as being Christians who fear for their lives—why then is Saudi Arabia committed to building 200 mosques for them? What need does a Christian have for a mosque?

The wealthiest Arab States are refusing to take any of the refugees without the slightest hint of guilt. Why is it that Muslims are ignoring their duty to one another? There is a tent city in Saudi Arabia, fully equipped and air-conditioned which will house three million people. It is used only once a year for two weeks during the Haj rituals. How does this comply with this admonition from the Qur’an: "He is not a believer who fills his stomach while his neighbour is hungry." (Holy Prophet in Hadith.)

It should be noted that these “refugees” are not the same as most other immigrants. They are not invading Europe to assimilate and find a new life in western culture. They want, and will set up their own communities and observe Sharia Law. With them, they bring their preoccupation with violence—when they are not killing infidels, they are killing each other because of their religious factions. Pedophilia, child bride marriages, whipping and torture of women, rape, and abuse or killing of homosexuals—it’s all part and parcel of Muslim culture.

Muslims average eight children per family. The refugees will most likely gain entrance for their children and families as well once they settle into an EU country. The vast majority of these refugees will have to be supported by their host countries. Muammar Gaddafi, former dictator of Libya predicted thirty years ago that Europe would be conquered by Islam without a war. Within the next twenty-five years this prophecy will have been fulfilled without Islam ever firing a single shot. Once Muslims have the voting majority, they will approve and institute Sharia Law and all Europe will then have the same form of government as the sand piles of the Middle East. Europe as we know it will no longer exist and its buildings, books, and art treasurers will be destroyed because they represent the hated western civilization. As Yogi Berra stated, “It ain’t over till it’s over” —folks, in Europe, for all practical purposes it’s over. All that’s left is to allow the clock to run its course.

Humans are not terribly intelligent creatures —they are just slightly more cerebral than the other animals which populate our planet. The Nazis in Germany annihilated six million educated and productive Jews—and now Europe is welcoming twenty million ignorant, violent Muslims with open arms– only idiots could accomplish that feat.

Americans can see what is going on in Europe—it is not a mystery hidden from view. We view a picture on TV of a Muslim kid washed up on a beach—and we advocate opening our country to an invasion by people who want nothing less than our total conversion or our total extermination. Like the picture of Cecil, the dead lion, one dead child forms public opinion and outrage by a gullible politically correct society.

There is nothing written here that is not understood by European and American leaders. A few people within the political power structure are concerned, while most couldn’t care less. America’s political correctness dictates that people should never tell the truth no matter how horrific the circumstances, which forces us to ignore the insidious takeover of America that is well under way. One-hundred thousand young Muslims will be allowed to come to America and enjoy refugee status. We will support them—some will build bombs or kill Americans—all will obey perverted Sharia Law.

The fundamentalist faction of Christianity are preoccupied with the four blood moons and when the world will end—politicians are concerned with raising money for the next election cycle—Joe Blow is concerned about feeding his kids and paying the mortgage. And all the while the never-ending goal of world supremacy by Islam continues its gradual, unrelenting march.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Inserting P.I.C.C. - third times a charm

Just got back from a 50 miles ambulance ride (100 round trip at $1500 x 2 + 16.5/mile + $3000 for procedure.) I had to get another PICC line which is a surgical procedure for a long term two port I.V. line that is inserted just outside the heart. The first two got pulled out which is a minor emergency all by themselves.

I've been in the hospital for 33 days now and just today realized I could play VGAPlanets (VGA gives a hint to how old this game is) at

One fifth of this hospital stay I will be paying forever and a few days beyond!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Feigned outrage

The headline is Trump failed to correct a person that called the president a muslim.

How is it his responsibility to do that, especially with the special circumstances behind this issue?

Trumps response was 'right' and 'we'll look into this.' Right doesn't always mean agreement. In conversation, right often means get to your point. That's the way I saw his 'right.'

The other point is a much bigger issue and deserves the real outrage. Are there Jihad training centers in America? Trump's response is exactly on point.

Obama has a muslim past which no idiot in the media can deny. Some people look at his words and actions and see a person hiding his loyalties. He says he's a christian. Fine, but the phony outrage at a segment of the population's speculation is because it's not so outrageous.

Obama is a liar. Would he be the first to lie about himself?

Muslims consider Obama a muslim, including world leaders. Why is that?

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Holy cow. Did I luck out.

Midnight and I had to get out of bed. I sat in a chair tangling my IV line which pulled out my PICC line. I noticed the blood on my hospital gown sleeve and got the nurse in time.

I've got 3 bugs in my blood requiring 2 different antibiotics for 6 weeks. One bag every 8 hours. Each bag about $10,000 (not sure about the second antibiotic.) I drove to the hospital when my oxygen was about 65%. Not exactly smart but it got the job done. They noticed an elevated white count and the next day I had surgery on my left foot at another hospital 50 miles away. Now I'm back at the original hospital in what they call a swing bed (which indicates a longer term stay AFAIK.)

I don't know what my daily bill will be (20% I am responsible for... should talk to billing about getting preexisting coverage that.)

My good fortune is I live in poverty with medicare. How could a middle class rancher like my friends deal with something like this?