Friday, September 9, 2016

Parkinson's not definitively confirmed

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C J said...

Ken, timing is everything. You posted this on Sept 9th, so clearly it's just a conspiracy theory. Had you posted it two days later (after Clinton's 9/11 health episode) it'd just mean spirited making fun of someone with a health issue.

/Democratic spin mode


ken_anthony said...

Funny because it's true. It's time we stopped trying to argue the left out of their positions because it has nothing to do with reason and everything to do with, they win we lose.

I really think the only winning move we have left is completely cutting off public funding of everybody. Trump has a slim chance of actually getting that done although it may require backbone he doesn't really demonstrate. The only way I can see him accomplishing it is doing it piecemeal with large public support.

The left survives on other people's money, which includes putting some teeth into stopping foreign money influences.