Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Weekend in NM

I had a nice weekend outside of Albuquerque visiting with friends at a 3 day imitate Jesus convention. Even an atheist has to be impressed by the life of Jesus and consequence of his life. The illogic is to apply what stupid things some that call themselves Christians do in the name of the Christian faith to the message in the bible. Unlike Islam, where the 'radicals' are doing exactly what the Koran calls for.

My brother is drinking again. I will have to tell him I will have nothing more to do with him. I will tell him he's getting ready to go back to prison because that's exactly where his drinking is going to take him. You can not imagine how upset I am. For all these months he's been out of jail I've been able to be proud of him, but he's flushing it all down the toilet.

I have no pithy wisdom here.


C J said...

Sorry to hear about your brother. That has to be rough on the while family.

ken_anthony said...

Long term I don't know what will happen, but he surprised me by saying he needs to keep people that encourage drinking out of his life. He's done pretty good since then.

He just got a 210cc engine today that he's going to build into a bicycle (perhaps a trike.) He's been riding an 80cc moped he built to work (not fooling the local cops) and has started a fad with many of the locals that have built them for themselves.