Monday, May 25, 2015

More to come from Musk

A series.


C J said...

Hi Ken,

Sorry I've been absent for a while. Just caught up on your blog, and OUCH, sorry to hear about the needles in the eyes, but delighted at the good prognosis.

BTW, speaking of Musk... have you heard that there is no longer one ASDS (the drone ship they tried to land the F9 on) but three? One of the new ones will be the landing platform for CRX-7 later this month.

ken_anthony said...

CJ, you're one of the good guys. I always like hearing from you. I wish I were a better blogger so others would have a good reason to comment. Wednesday I go for another poke in the eye. The routine is once a month I make the 100 mile drive (round trip) to Show Low and back for my right eye. Then another a week later for my left. They only dilate my eyes and examine them on the first of the two visits.

This works out pretty well since my left eye is the better one. I rest my eyes before driving back, but it's not optimal. It's like driving in a fog, but less dangerous. Californians will drive in a fog at speeds where they have no way of avoiding a mishap. I avoid those situations by never being in such a hurry.