Friday, September 19, 2014

Respond or die

That seems to be the situation with CATALIST.

He explains why triangulation is obsolete and changing American fundamentally is in progress (more so than we suspected.)

This is what happens when you face a hive mind.
...allows the left to do is drive deeper into the pool of extreme left-wing Americans who are otherwise unmotivated to actually vote.
Given that only a minority votes this is important. There are more on the right than on the left even in left wing cities, but they don't vote.

The take away is forget the moderate and fight for real ...or die.

UPDATE: I believe this is related.
7) The administration uses FOIAs as a tip service to uncover what news organizations are pursuing. Requests are now routinely forwarded to political appointees. At the agency that oversees the new health care law, for example, political appointees now handle the FOIA requests.
The hive is everywhere.


C J said...

I've been warning about the nefarious uses of the flood of personal info the government (and others) compile for years.

Politicians have discovered what marketers have for many gears called granular marketing; microtargeting.

Take a wild guess what sort of data is the most useful for Catalist; it's descriptive individually-identifiable metadata, which shows what your interests and concerns are. That, BTW, is the very same metadata that the NSA is collecting on everyone. (So are all sorts of government agencies... which explains things such as why they ask your race when you fill out the forms to buy a handgun and other seemingly inexplicable data-hungryness))

Coincidence? Yeah, sure... and I've got a bridge in Brooklyn for sale to anyone who thinks so.

ken_anthony said...

If the right doesn't get their ground game working we have no functioning country. Should they win, it better not be same as usual.