Monday, August 4, 2014

Unarmed insecurity

This happened while I was playing poker at the entrance I use to go to the poker room. I was there when it happened and talked to an older couple that were at the door when the shooter shattered it.

This is when I find out none of the casino security are armed. If the shooter had wanted he could have come inside and killed hundreds. Those in the poker room would have been among the first to die.

No bullet holes in my truck that was parked within the crime scene.


C J said...

Yipes! Glad you're okay.

One of the reasons security guards are most often unarmed is liability.

Option A, arm the security guards. Due to the way liability laws work, this exposes the employer to vast risk. If there is a confrontation and a shootout, even one of the criminal's bullets hitting a bystander is plenty of grounds for a massive lawsuit. So are quite a few other outcomes, including not killing the attacker fast enough.

Option B; don't arm the security guards. If there's a shootout then, due to the way the law works, the employer is far less likely to be sued, even if there is mass death as a result.

ken_anthony said...

My main concern was the casino was screwing up my game by not having an adequate response. I still made money that day, but had to leave it on the table until they got some things sorted out.

The police shot the guy then closed everything down. In Vegas, the casino security would have shot the guy and never said a word to the never interrupted gamblers.

That machine gun was less than 20 feet and two glass doors away from where I was playing poker. The first door shattered by gun fire. I talked to a guy and his wife that were at that door when the bullets shattered it. The gunman asked the husband, "Do you want to die old man?" But he wasn't sure what was going on until people grabbed him and pulled him inside the casino.