Friday, March 28, 2014

New Russian Navy

Chinese ship built by Russia

They are adding 40 new warships (and stealing two from the Ukraine.) Russian navy now larger than American!!! !!! !!! These are not all rust buckets (some are) many are very capable ships that are dangerous to ours. Our navy is still better with the operational capabilities our aircraft carriers and subs give us but Obama could certainly fix that. Our carriers are vulnerable and take a long time to replace. We could drastically lose capability in a very short period of time. We might not recover from such a disaster.

We're downsizing our navy. My son will have to translate Russian for me in the new world order.

Ukraine is toast. Arm Poland while there is still time (Is there still time?)

Istanbul and Sevastopol strategically linked

Do you think Putin is stupid enough to invade Turkey? That would keep him busy for a while, but they've already experienced Afghanistan. Poor Georgia would suffer more though.

We really need to start looking beyond the Ukraine. Russia isn't sitting on their borders for a picnic.

The other shoe.

Update: Remember these gathering rust? Might any be put to good use to defend the Ukraine? Do any of them work?


C J said...

One thing to bear in mind when comparing navies is that tonnage is more important than numbers; the Russians have a very large number of small coastal patrol boats, the US NAvy does not, which skews the Russian tonnage average down, a lot.

Said another way, 10 cruisers have one heck of a lot more capability and firepower than 10 frigates.

Still, I agree with you; this is no time to be downsizing.

I've been saying since before Russian moved on the Crimea that their goal is far more than Crimea. They are trying to force a fight with Ukraine, in order to install a puppet regime.

I highly doubt Putin would invade Turkey; there's little motive. He's said that he regrets the breakup of the Soviet Union because that placed too many "good Russians" outside of Russia. I therefor think what he's after is a defacto recreation of the Soviet Union's territory.

I don't think the Russians will keep rolling after Ukraine. I think they'll pause for a bit before moving on, just like Hitler did after his pre-WWII land grabs (which used the same pretext the Russians are using).

The Russians have achieved their anchluss with Crimea, so we've had a bit of a pause before they go after the Sudetenland to unify the Volk... oh, sorry, wrong dictator; I meant eastern Ukraine to bring the Russians there "home".

ken_anthony said...

The problem with buffers is once you grab them the next country becomes the new buffer.

I don't think Turkey is on the short list, but everything is on the long.

They paused after Georgia. They will become bolder now. Especially with Obama's non response.

Who knows for sure? Anything could happen. But we shouldn't imagine Putin is going to do what we'd like him to. He's going to do what he can get away with and that could be an awful lot with nobody standing up to him. Putin has already tried to say, "but, but, I've still got nukes..."

ken_anthony said...

About tonnage. You are correct. However, let's see what these new ships are? His ambition is much more than coastal defense.