Monday, March 26, 2012

Some light on a tragedy

I found this (Bluesky).

Two things about this case bother me. 1) George Zimmerman is being described as white when he's clearly Hispanic. 2) They keep showing a picture of Trayvon Martin that is several years old.

Again Obama is race baiting. Why? Update: C.L. Bryant asks the same question.

I read that Zimmerman was attacked from behind by Martin as he was walking back to his truck. Zimmerman was on the ground being beaten by 6' 2" 200 150 lb. Martin (not the skinny kid in the photos from years ago.) As usual the media is spinning another story for it's own agenda.

Update: Hispanics are now crackers? Will there be blow back?

Obama's 'son' on the left. Dead guy on the right. You've been hustled by the media.

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